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Pride Week – Fruits and Frangipannis
Wednesday, 6 June, 2007, 12:56 am
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Pride Week is alive and well in Darwin.  Last Friday night I organised a table at the annual Pride Week Quiz Night, of which I have been attending since it started.  I realised when walking in what an old “fag hag” I am!

Always a guaranteed night of fun with Miss Marzipan as compare, great questions, entertaining personalities and great prizes – it is a night that we never miss.  we always win something at our table and we did have a couple of wins.  Let’s not mention the table behind us that had 16 people on it and won the night – hello, only eight people to a table please!

This year the Quiz Night was held at the Darwin Bowls Club at Conacher Street and it was my first time at this venue.  It was great and more so on a dry season night.  Drinks were cheap and they mix their own drinks there – no pre-mixed drinks whatsoever.  It was a bit noisy – acoustics weren’t that great.  Still a good venue and will keep in mind for the future.

We started off okay but totally bombed in the sports round – go figure.  I guess the show stopper for the night was when Dixie Joy came up to the table and said this looks like a table of straight people!  How wrong could she be!  Never assume anything, especially in Darwin.

Bingay is on tonight and as much as I would love to attend, no can do.  Miss Daisy does a wonderful cooking segment as part of Pride Week, but that event is sold out (limited spaces).  There is also an excellent art exhibition.  For more details go to the website.

My only disappointment is that Pride Week wasn’t as widely advertised as it had been in the past – we almost missed the Quiz Night due to lack of advertising.

Looking forward to next year’s program.


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