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Darwin is the territorial capital and the most populous city of Australia‘s Northern Territory. It has a population of 111,300 (est. 2005) and is located on Australia’s far northern coastline. Darwin is the furthest north and least populous of the Australian capitals.

The city is notable amongst the capital cities for its history of major disasters. Its tropical climate has seen it regularly subjected to heavy thunderstorms. Major cyclones have occurred approximately once every three decades. Much of the city was destroyed by Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Darwin is also the only Australian capital city to have come under substantial attack during a world war. On 19 February 1942, Japanese planes made two major air raids on Darwin from the aircraft carrier fleet that had attacked Pearl Harbor less than 3 months earlier. These were the first of 64 air attacks experienced by the city during World War II, the last being on 12 November, 1943.

Today Darwin is a fast growing cosmopolitian, regional centre important to Australian military, tourism and mining.

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I was amazed at how much Darwin has changed just in the last
two years since I was last there (just returned from a short trip
a week ago). Especially the wharf area. It really is turning into
a little Singapore. Not sure if the atomosphere of Darwin will
change though. I hope not. Melbourne Mortgage Brokers

Comment by Paul

You may be interested in reading http://monsoon-frog.blogspot.com which also attempts to ruminate on life in the monsoonal tropics aka Darwin.

Comment by Peter H

hey……do not forget the place is one of the most important centres for the live export trade of Australian cattle to Indonesia [$500 million per year in value], as well as a regional centre important for a range of primary industries.

Comment by Peter H

Loved my time in Darwin. Magic sunsets, amazing outdoors. Well worth a visit to the top end. http://katevista.com/2014/07/06/i-love-a-sunburnt-country-dorothea-mackellar/

Comment by Kate Vista

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