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Monday, 24 March, 2008, 12:32 am
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RESIDENT is a high-end lifestyle magazine about Darwin and Alice Springs that is compiled by Mark Marcelis and Tim Palmer.  It is a bi-annual magazine (wet and dry seasons) targeting residents of and tourists to the Top End of Australia.

The magazine is essentially a big, glossy advertisement for the Territory and one thing I can say for Mark and Tim, is that they can make anything sexy and I mean anything!

The Christmas edition had a Christmas Gift Guide, which was luxe and well presented.  Many great ideas and assisting with Christmas shopping a convenience except, there was no prices listed anywhere in the guide. 

Whilst Mark and Tim might think that their audience do not care about the price of an item, let me tell you how wrong they are.  People are too busy too busy these days to be visiting a number of stores to find out that something is beyond their financial means.  Of course, the guide is essentially a catalogue for shopping so guys, list the price!  Whilst I too am happy to pay any reasonable price for a gift for my loved ones, I do shop to a budget, as I am sure many others do with a high disposable income.  Therefore, it would have been a great help if prices were detailed alongside the name of the shop and item.

Not sure who really reads this magazine, as I am told that the circulation numbers here in the Territory are not that high, but the magazine is distributed to corporate waiting rooms, 3/4/5 star hotels, cafes and salons and is distributed to interstate outlets.  I have also been told that one does not read RESIDENT, they look at the pretty pictures.  A couple of the writers could do with going to a writing course, as their first paragrahps really tell you nothing – you have to read quite a way into the story to get the jist of what they are saying.

It makes living in Darwin, with the gorgeous homes and interesting people seem all so inviting.  What I am interested in is the impression people get when they come to Darwin or Alice Springs after being exposed to the Northern Territory via RESIDENT.

All the same, I look forward to each edition – the 6th is due for release soon – as it does make interesting reading on the lifestyles of Territorians, living, entertaining, style, dining and travel – even if it is all presented to be a little too good to be true. 

The collage of social pages at the back is a bit of a who is seen where, as the same faces pop up at each function – of course it is a social diary of the beautiful people of Darwin!


Hello Kitty Hell
Saturday, 8 March, 2008, 2:01 pm
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 Hello Kitty, no really I mean Hello Kitty – you know who you are!

Apart from my friend, Hello Kitty, there is this great website about Hello Kitty Hell.


I love Hello Kitty, perhaps my Asian heritage alludes to this type of fixation.  I also like cats!

But I am no Hello Kitty fiend like some of the instances described in this very funny blog.  The blog has a loyal following, including me.  I do a lot of reading online and this blog I visit daily for a good laugh.  Those commenting are hilarious and amuses me so how precious people can be over Hello Kitty.

As for Mr HKH – what a legend.