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Thursday, 25 December, 2008, 1:29 pm
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I was recently in Sydney for work as was introduced to this store as somewhere I could commit “mortal sin“.

So I thought bring it on!

What can I say, except I did.  Well all the shopping wasn’t for me, I did some for my family and some Christmas shopping as well as a house warming gift – so it was all good.

For such a small store, there was so much choice and fabulous goodies, whether it was giftware, clothing, shoes or jewellery.  There was something for everyone, including the male in your life as well as children.

The staff were very friendly and helpful and were most obliging to gift wrap.

What more do I need to say, but please go visit and treat yourself, a friend for their birthday or pick something up for your present box.  I LOVE this shop.


Rendezvous Cafe
Thursday, 25 December, 2008, 1:11 pm
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This probably isn’t really a Best Kept Secret in Darwin, but it constantly amazes me how there are still people in town who do not know that this is quite simple the “best laksa in town!”

I love eating at this place and if I could, I would at least two to three times a week.  At best, I get to eat her once a fortnight – just the nature of my job.

You need to ring and book a table – the booths are small and there is nothing worse then craving one of these laksas and getting there to find out they are booked out.  In saying that, I believe they would turn those tables over two to three times each lunch time.

Now one thing I have learnt in taking a guest here – most people come to eat the laksa – don’t order a bacon and egg sandwich – even if there is one on offer on the menu – just not the done thing! 

The laksas are superb and when I was pregnant, my stomach couldn’t handle the richness of the laksa so, I had the beef rendang.  I can also recommend this, along with the Malaysian chicken rice.  The best thing is, if you can’t fit a normal size laksa in, they will do a small serve – how accommodating.  Prawn toast is good here also, just in case you need to nibble while waiting for the laksa – which really the service is so fast, I’d put money on you getting the laksa before the prawn toast.

To eat here is cheap round $10/ $12 for a laksa and drink.

Thursday, 25 December, 2008, 1:01 pm
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Need some invitations, fliers or photocopying done in a hurry?  This is the place to go.

I have been using Copytime for years and especially for invitations.  Most recently, I had them print our Christmas cards, although as I sit here typing I still haven’t sent one as yet – I guess that is what I will be doing tomorrow!

Great selcetion of paper and card available here. They will also cut to size for a small fee. The dude that seems to run the shop and who has been there forever, Colin, is very helpful.  A couple of the younger staff have an attitude, especially when they are busy.  I guess that is so Gen Y these days, but they need to remember – people are paying for a service!

They also have an outlet at Casuarina Shopping Square.  I prefer the one in Smith Street.

Parap Newsagency
Thursday, 25 December, 2008, 12:14 pm
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I am a bit of a newsagency/ stationary store addict.

I go out of my way to go to Parap Newsagency, as my closest newsagent is at Nightcliff.  In fact, Deborah and Phil used to own the Nightcliff Newsagency, which we used to patronise a lot.

What impresses me about Deborah and Phil is how they get to know each of their clients, personally.  Even though we were their clients at Nightcliff, they still remember us when we go to their Parap store.  That is perhaps one of the main reasons I like going to their store.

Parap Newsagency has all the latest newspapers and magazines and has a well priced stationary section, which I often visit and purchase from.

All the same, Deborah had a knack of ordering in a lovely range of giftware at very reasonable prices at their Nightcliff store when they had it and I especially loved buying gifts at Easter and Christmas.  I am not sure if they are doing this at the Parap store and will need to check next time I am there.

Now, if you like good quality olive oil, Phil and Deborah stock Brini from the Adelaide Hills (cold pressed extra virgin olive oil).  Not sure how much it is, as we were very fortunate to be given a bottle as a gift – I will be going back for more.

The Nightcliff Newsagency has new owners, not as friendly, but by the same token we don’t go in their as much.  There is a range of gifts (also reasonably priced) and they still do have one of the best greeting card selections in town.  By the way, the stationary range is not to bad either.