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Thursday, 25 December, 2008, 1:11 pm
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This probably isn’t really a Best Kept Secret in Darwin, but it constantly amazes me how there are still people in town who do not know that this is quite simple the “best laksa in town!”

I love eating at this place and if I could, I would at least two to three times a week.  At best, I get to eat her once a fortnight – just the nature of my job.

You need to ring and book a table – the booths are small and there is nothing worse then craving one of these laksas and getting there to find out they are booked out.  In saying that, I believe they would turn those tables over two to three times each lunch time.

Now one thing I have learnt in taking a guest here – most people come to eat the laksa – don’t order a bacon and egg sandwich – even if there is one on offer on the menu – just not the done thing! 

The laksas are superb and when I was pregnant, my stomach couldn’t handle the richness of the laksa so, I had the beef rendang.  I can also recommend this, along with the Malaysian chicken rice.  The best thing is, if you can’t fit a normal size laksa in, they will do a small serve – how accommodating.  Prawn toast is good here also, just in case you need to nibble while waiting for the laksa – which really the service is so fast, I’d put money on you getting the laksa before the prawn toast.

To eat here is cheap round $10/ $12 for a laksa and drink.


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Hmm – I havent been to the Rendezvous for many a year. Are the laksa’s still as good as when the previous owner (Jacqui I think) was in charge?

Have to make a trip into town to try it out!

Comment by Devan

Hi, Jacqui was the original Rendezvous owner back in the 80’s who sold up many years ago but had a laksa stall at Parap Markets (I’m not sure if she still does as I no longer live in Darwin.) The next Rendezvous owners kept up the tradition of serving fabulous Malaysian cuisine for many years, however I’ve heard they have now sold and there are new owners. Hope it’s all still good at Rendezvous as reading this blog has made me crave for their mouth watering laksa’s and delicious curries (the lamb is TDF!)

Comment by Angela

Ok – I will say nothing against rendezvous Laksa’s they are just not my favourite (too creamy, not hot enough for my taste!) But I know people who rave about them and the fried ice cream – but I encourage anyone who enjoys excellent Laksa to try the Asia Pot in Darwin Central Hotel Food Court – no it doesn’t have the atmosphere or history of Rendezvous – but they are really good Laksa!

Comment by Bella

I went here after I read about this place and I tried to chicken laksa, and let me say that it wasn’t memorable at all. The chicken was clearly overcooked and the vegetables felt like they were simply thrown in at the end. The seasoning was off and there was no “love” in the food at all. If you are looking for authentic malay food or good laksa, i wouldn’t recommend this place at all.

Comment by Sophie

The people have spoken and the NEW #1 LAKSA, Darwin’s Favorite Dish is now at THE DECK BAR!

Outrateing strong competition including Rendezvous Cafe, Various Parap Market Stalls and Asian Pot!

Check out Aunty Cindy’s CURRY LAKSA and judge yourself!

Even ADRIAN from CARLA FURNISHINGS will agree!

Thick egg noodles, thin rice noodles, creamy curry broth, tofu puffs, sambal, lime, all the good stuff!

CHICKEN, SEAFOOD, VEGO, you name it!

Now available for Lunch, Dinner and soon Breakfast at The DECK!

phone 89423001

and for those in Palmerston and south of the Berrimah line, The Arch Rival Bar & Grill now serves Ausnty Cindys famous Laksa too!

Comment by Jason

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