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Monday, 24 March, 2008, 1:53 am
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Whilst I have put this under “Best Kept Secrets – Darwin”, I was a little unsure.

There are elements of this store that makes me cringe.  You know, borderline tacky.

Although, I have bought lovely glass birds from the Czech Republic for $36 and they are beautiful.  They make some lovely glass handbags in many different sizes, although I could not bring myself to buy one.  What do you do with them, unless you like to collect dust!

I have a girlfriend who loves the miniature shoes that they sell.  They also have glass jewellery and from time to time they have some really beautiful pieces.  I guess the shop is a bit of a mish mash of styles, but then it probably caters for everyone.

Worth a look, but tread with caution.  Some of the colour choices are interesting.


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Miranda it would seem that you have not been into my shop. If you had you would know that it is a fully working stained glass studio that has many many handmade items for sale. All of the jewellery is made by local artists as is all of the stained glass work. I have items sourced from overseas, Poland, Germany, New Zealand to name but a few. To call any of it borderline tacky simply shows your lack of taste. Some of the comments we get are “Like being in Murano again” , “the most beautiful shop in Australia” , “when are you opening in my city?”. I think you need to revisit and rewrite girl!

Comment by Dallas

Thanks for your comment, Dallas.

I actually do visit your shop, often, as I love jewellery and purchase often. I have bought a number of items as gifts from your store. The thing with art is that it does come down to an individual’s taste.

I did categorise Glass with Glass as a Best Kept Secret rather than Overrated!

Comment by Miranda

Dallas, what a bitch you are…..like a mother who can see no wrong with her own children. Have a good cry!

Comment by Realist

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