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Saturday, 1 March, 2008, 1:40 pm
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With Gallery 8 going down hill with the quality of stock it has allowed for other shops to open and do well.

Chocolate Orange is located on Parap Road, Parap.  I often check this store out about once a month when visiting the Parap markets on a Saturday morning.

I love the fact they stock a great variety of stuff: S&P, the quaint shabby chic tins for the laundry etc and Rhubarb.  But like so many stores in Darwin, they start off really well and then start diversifying into many other things trying to be everything to everyone.

I have bought a beautiful necklace from this store in the past and I have bought a whole heap of homeware stuff for a CEO’s office, but the shop is starting to get to cluttered and overcrowded to see anything.  There is also quite a bit of stock that hasn’t moved since they opened.  I think they have been open for nearly three years and guess what, never a sale.

One thing that frustrates me about stores that don’t have sales, is the same stock sits there for so long, that eventually you don’t bother going back.  I also think sales is a way of not only moving old stock, which has been marked up incredibly, but is a way to say thank you to regular customers.  It also introduces new ones to your store.

Not sure if they have fixed this or not, but the front door is so squeaky, it takes away the pleasure of browsing as it becomes very annoying.  Perhaps it is their version of the shop buzzer!

Despite the above, the prices aren’t too bad and I have bought some lovely pieces and gifts from this store over the years.


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