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Saturday, 1 March, 2008, 2:00 pm
Filed under: Overrated


I have a girlfriend who loves meeting me here on a Saturday morning for coffee.

Apart from the staff having a real attitude, the place is absolutely filthy.  See the staff’s attitude in serving you is reflected in the fact that they obviously think it is beneath them to clean up after the patrons leave.

It has trendy Italian resin gelatti coloured chairs along the pavement and canteen style tables and outdoor furniture in the inside.  None of it has ever been clean each time I have been here, even first thing in the morning.  The leather lounges always have crumbs on them. The staff themselves look like they sleep the night there – they too don’t look to crash hot.

I haven’t eaten here, except for raisin toast – thought it was a safe option.  The hot chocolate is average – not a big coffee drinker.  Have resorted to having juice the last few times, again just easier and safer.

Another thing – they are really noisy when making coffees – they bang and crash the crockery – very annoying and not conducive to a cafe environment.  It is meant to be relaxing.

Anyway the next coffee/ catch up, ain’t going to be here I promise you – I guess I better email her and make a date.


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Great post, lets spend the ‘good’ news together!

Comment by john

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