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Saturday, 1 March, 2008, 1:24 pm
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This store in Parap for those under 5, is a huge success – it wouldn’t have survived this long, if it wasn’t.

Why has it survived, well there is a growing demographic of new money in this town, you know the children of Greek, Asian and other migrants and their offspring.  Whilst those with this newly acquired wealth were brought up with parents that had more sense than money, it appears to be the opposite for those that choose to shop at this store.

For a  start they sell Osk Kosh at a huge mark up.  Funny thing is Big W is now selling the brand.  But really, these trendy new breed of yummy mummies could not bear the thought of, let alone be seen buying something for their child to wear from a lowly department store like Big W, god forbid!

I often wander into Bambini Glam to have a look and marvel at the prices that they get away with charging.  As I travel enough overseas, I buy all my sons clothes when travelling – less chance of turning up anywhere wearing the same shirt etc as anyone else.  I can certainly tell you that even though I purchase “branded” items such as Ralph Lauren Polo for him – I certainly do not pay the prices they charge at Bambini Glam.

Bambini Glam has survived because it is the place to be seen purchasing something for your under 5 year old, whether it is a singlet or a whole suite of furniture to a tee pee tent!

Worth a look to gasp, but honestly, unless you have money to burn because you are bored, are a shopaholic, or are more interested in people think, I wouldn’t bother paying these prices.


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GREAT read hahaha, You stir as much as I do 🙂

Comment by john

Clearly some people haven’t any idea what it takes to run a small business in a small town. There will always be those that sit on the sideline and criticise because they do not posess the intestines nor the inteligence to give something special to the community. Perhaps it’s not that it’s too expensive. Perhaps it’s more that you can’t afford it, but you’d love to be able to. Just choose not to shop there, don’t choose to whine about it. Go do something productive. What have you done for your community today? Loser.

Comment by Bettina

Bambini Glam use the recommended retail price for fashion, therefore no matter where in Australia you bought it, you’d pay the same price. Quite a remarkable offer from the store really when you consider how much extra they pay for freight. I also know that the toys and dollhouses are way more expensive in other cities. That’s a fact. It’s a magnificent shop. Don’t miss it. And by the way, does Big W gift wrap your goodies, place a hand made folwer on your shopping bag, and give ballooons and lollies to your children, at no extra charge, like the team at Bambin do? I don’t think so!

Comment by Angelina

I agree, what a loser! Do you have any idea how wonderful it is to be able to buy such amazing gifts in this remote place. These people who have risked all to open this store are clearly go getters with the idea that just because we live in the outback, doesn’t mean that we won’t one day want to purchase something special, and we won’t have to use the net to do it. We can be served by real people who go out of their way to help you. Seriously, the service is out of this world. In fact my whole family shops there, and they don’t even live in Darwin. They say that the prices are less than Sydney, even after postage. You must see this store, and thankyou to the proprietors whom have brought something beautiful to this town.

Comment by Demi

It’s a great store. Don’t miss out on the after christmas sales.

Comment by lola

Replace your negative attitude towards money with a positive one, and perhaps one day you will be abundant.

Comment by Bettina

I love Bambini Glam! In my opinion they have a product range to suit any budget, and they support local small businesses too. I love to visit Bambini Glam for the service, attention to detail and product range. It’s a beautiful store, with interesting treasures to be found in every corner!

Comment by Bronwyn

When we lived in Darwin we enjoyed going to Bambini Glam buying our children wonderful toys that were not that found in your retail stores. My older children have grown & the toys we bought from there have lasted longer for their younger brothers and sisters to enjoy unlike the toys I have bought from Target or Big W in the past so thank you for this little store and your wonderful products.

Comment by Katherine

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