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Monday, 5 November, 2007, 12:36 am
Filed under: Observations

As I do on Sundays, I went to get my groceries for the week.  I do a big shop, so I eliminate the need to go to the supermarket during the week.

What annoys me is that the local Woolworths store, that I have been shopping at for years just seems to not get the big picture and so much so, I am starting to get the urge to ring the Managing Director, Richard Corbett, myself.

I have been purchasing Devondale skim milk in 1 litre cartoons for many years.  What astounds me that no matter what time of the day or day of the week, Woolworths at Nightcliff never seem to have any stock and particularly so yesterday.  The milk was not even on special!

Not only does this annoy me, it now means I am forced to buy a substitute product that I do not want, go to another store or return to the store later in the week in the vain hope I will be able to buy the milk.  All of these are not options for me. 

Really, if a product is selling out that quickly – why not get more of it in – quite simple really.

Sometimes I think this is a ploy by the larger supermarkets to have you return to the store to get the item you want, plus more therefore meaning you spend more, they make more!

What I also noticed whilst doing the shopping, is how products come and go off the shelves with such ease, that just as you are familiar and buying a product on a regular basis it is no longer available.  Everything comes in American “super size” quantities or packaging.  What happened to being able to buy small quantities – I am happy to pay a little more if it means less wastage in our world.

Take for example washing powder.  I have a front loading machine and part of the reason is that it uses less water, less detergent and is more energy efficient.  Therefore I only need a small box of washing powder which lasts me about three weeks.  Woolworths used to sell this, but now only sells the larger boxes.  This is forcing me to buy more than what I need and perhaps use more than I need to.  It did not worry me that the larger box is cheaper, I just want to have the choice to buy just what I need.

Other things that came to my attention included the poor quality of meat being offered for sale at premium prices – the meat looked so awful we decided not to buy any.  Can Woolworths be serious about what they are putting on the market?  Does the Northern Territory receive the crap meat that they wouldn’t dare sell to a southern, more savvy market?

To some degree, I am not surprised that Australians are becoming fatter.  The price of fruit, vegetables and meat, not to add the poor quality we get in the Top End, families are being forced to eat more wheat based, preservative laden products that can be bought much more cheaply.

And my final gripe is the fact that the check out operators have no idea how to pack.  When I worked at Woolworths (for five years) part of our initial training was learning how to pack.  These guys just have absolutely no idea and show as much as they can into a green bag, despite the weight and type of contents.  I always pack my bags – it takes a bit longer but I want to know that what I have paid for I can still use when I get home.


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