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Comfort Zones
Monday, 6 August, 2007, 5:24 am
Filed under: Observations

Children have the knack for making you get out of the “comfort zone”.

Today is a public holiday in Darwin for Picnic Day (not the Darwin Cup, as all newcomers to the Territory think).  Picnic Day was instituted and fought for by the unions as a day for workers to spend with their families, I assume having picnics.

With my son now at school, his teacher thought he should advise them as to why they were having the day off school on the Monday.  To have a picnic as he informs me.  I am so not into picnics.  Why?  All the work in getting everything together, making sure you have everything, unpacking it all when you get there once you have found a place to sit, being harassed by flies while you eat and then to pack everything up again!

All weekend, my dear child has humbugged me about having a picnic and this morning we prepared the food, including a picnic basket (apparently no point going on a picnic without a “picnic basket”) and then drove down to the Nightcliff foreshore, nabbed a table in the shade and near the playground.  We ate in the peace and quiet and then my son and his friend, X, played.  The surroundings were picturesque, there was a nice breeze and all round one felt it was good to be alive and there is no better place to be on earth, but Darwin.

Despite not being fond of picnics, today was a pleasant experience.  To make it even better there were no flies!


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