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Monday, 6 August, 2007, 7:05 am
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What better way to start a Saturday morning in Sydney, than breakfast at bill’s.  We climb into a cab and high tailed it to Surry Hills.  We were in a hurry because prior to getting to Sydney, I had tried to book us a table, considering that we were flying from Darwin to eat at this establishment, we did not want to miss out.  When I called, I advised the person taking the call (Ian) that we were coming from Darwin and that was the only day we had to enjoy a meal at bill’s. Ian advised me that they did not take bookings, never have, no matter how far we were travelling and we would have to line up and wait like everyone else.  Although it would be best to arrive between 7.30 and 8.00am.  We were kinda a bit jacked off at the attitude, but I was determined I was going to eat the fare of one of my favourite chefs.

Fortunately this Saturday morning we just walked in and took a seat at the communal dining table and oohed and aahhed at the menu.  To be honest I had researched all the menus of the  restaurants we were dining in for the trip, so I knew exactly what I wanted.

So what did we order?  One of us had the scrambled eggs with aged cheddar and bacon, the other had the ricotta hotcakes and I had the sweet corn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon.  We were all very happy with our breakfasts and were totally stuffed.  It was a good thing that we had a hearty breakfast, as we had a lot of walking to do, as we were going to Mao and More for a look around and I think i

t took us a good thirty minutes to get there.  We did find some great places along the way and soaked up being able to walk long distances without getting sweaty like we do at home. 

We did find Surry Hills a little hilly compared to what we are used to.  By the way breakfast for three came to $74.80. I was also on the look out for Ian, just to advise that he needed a bit of an attitude adjustment and also remind him of the fact that what is the big deal about reserving a table for three Darwin girls who took a whole day to fly down and eat at his establishment!

Since returning home, I have cooked all the dishes we ate for breakfast when in Sydney from Bill’s cookbooks and they are still superb even though I cooked it.


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