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The Morning After…
Sunday, 22 July, 2007, 5:35 am
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Last night we had a party to celebrate my husband’s birthday – that in itself is another story.

After many Pommerys, Salingers, cowboys and the odd Bombay Sapphire and Agrum, one passed out.  Woke up this morning absolutely fine, but craving a hit of sugar.

Had a cup of coffee, didn’t do the trick.  Downed an icy cold can of Coke, sort of worked.  Considering I gave up Coke and Dit Coke over a year ago, I surprised myself by drinking the whole can.  No fear of becoming addicted to the black drink again.

What did the trick was a roast pork and gravy sandwich from Mic Shelley’s Cafe in Nightcliff Shopping Centre.  I swear, they do the best roast sandwiches in town.

The bread is white and ultra soft and yes, they use butter and they are extremely generous with the meat and gravy.  To date we have never experienced dry over-cooked roast meat in our sandwiches.  Somehow it is always perfect.  We also shared a hot chips and gravy.  I had some juice, trying to do the right thing by my body, but what I really wanted was a creaming soda.  I am sipping on one as I type.


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happy b’day to your hubby!

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