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Monday, 16 July, 2007, 12:04 pm
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Last week, a friend asked me to join her at the re-opening of di Croco.  di Croco has expanded their floor space and hence, the shop front has a slightly different look and feel about it.  di Croco is located in Bennett Street in the Paspaley Building, next door to Paspaley Pearls.

I accepted the invitation, due to being quite adamant I was going to buy a di Croco bangle.  I was shocked to discover that not only did they not have my size in the bangle, they also did not have the colour I wanted.  I understand demand when it comes to these items, but let us have a little reality check.

The likelihood of each customer buying a handbag is minimal, as we are looking at several thousand dollars per bag – I think I heard the price of $8 000 quote at one point during the early evening.  One lady did come along, purchase her bag and depart.

But for those of us who don’t have a spare several thousand dollars sitting around, you would think that the store would have ample quantities of the smaller items – bangles, key rings, coin purses etc etc – after it is quite elementary marketing when it comes to store openings.  There is nothing like disappointment and sometimes there is just no substitution!

By the way, waiting time for a di Croco bangle can be from two weeks to eight weeks.  The real test is whether they will call me when the bangle comes in, or will I be disappointed again?


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Hello?!!? Red is huge this year and any retail estalishment that claims to have a finger on the pulse of fashion would have known months and months and months in advance about the bold colour trends, not to mention the larger sized jewellery that was on the runways over the past 12 months. So wouldn’t you think that just maybe, you’d put a little bit more effort into ramping up the stock on red bangles! I too went in looking for a red bangle for my a friend’s 40th birthday and to no avail. And I was even willing to hand over a kidney to get it.

I understand that profit margin is probably much better for the bags but with the lack of stock, I highly doubt I’d go there when I’m ready to get the bag as they probably won’t have the style or colours I want. And it’s not like they’re well known enough to be a Birkin – you have to have name recognition before you get there and they don’t have that yet. Have to question if they really want to evolve or just pretend to be one of the big players.

Comment by NT Chic

Hmmm… it’s a good thing I only wanted a (two-sided)round coin purse – heaps of choice in that line. My friend bought a purse straight away too – a green colour which looked great but it’s a bit muce to wait all that time just for a bangle!

Comment by Gary Lee

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