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Monday, 25 June, 2007, 1:06 am
Filed under: No Longer With Us, Overrated

Yesterday, I think we ate at Darwin’s filthiest cafe.

After a morning of looking at various bits of furniture for our new deck, we felt a bit peckish.  We drove into Ben’s Bakehouse for a nice hot pie, but they were closed.  We suspect for the Supercars.  When will people realise that there are some of us who are so not into the Supercars!

Anyway we decided to park at the Mitchell Centre and go to the Coffee Club.  We have eaten here before, but one thing we notice is that the cafe is never clean.  There is also an abundance of flies both inside and out which really turns me off eating.  We chose not to eat at the Coffee Club, but wonder down the street to a cafe called Tonic.

This cafe was originally opened by friends of ours, Anna and Zoli and was called About Coffee.  It was a great place to eat, was always crowded and had a great atmosphere.  They have since left Darwin some time ago and the cafe became Tonic – it may have had another life before this one.

We walked in and took a table, sat down and order a flat white and a mocha.  It was then we noticed how filthy the establishment was.  We had already ordered and felt somewhat obliged to stay.  The tables were grubby, some wiped down, others not.  The chairs had all sorts of goo on them.  One looked as though it had bits of butter on it.  One of the chairs at our table looked like a cup of coffee was dropped near it, splattered all over the back of it, but was never cleaned.

Our breakfast came.  We order just ordinary bacon and eggs and that was overcooked.  It became clear that the staff were very keen to close the kitchen and go home.  Nothing like being rushed through a meal.  Why open at all!

While eating our breakfast we took in some other elements of the cafe such as the windows.  It would be fair to say that the windows hadn’t been cleaned for at least six months and the amount of smudges and hand prints etc on the glass was quite off putting.  In addition, the floor – if it had been swept let alone mopped in recent times, I would be surprised.  I wouldn’t dare order anything from the cake cabinet, as the outside and inside of the cabinet hadn’t seen a spot of hot water or Spray ‘n Wipe!

This cafe had no reason to look the way it did apart from pure laziness.  Located in Mitchell Street, the hub of Darwin city, you would expect some better standards.  It is fair to say that we WILL NOT ever venture into this cafe again.


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