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Garage/ Lawns Sales
Sunday, 17 June, 2007, 12:49 pm
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Each year, with the dry season, I do a huge purge of household goods that haven’t been used or are no longer being used.  Once I have done that, I hold a garage/ lawn sale.

A friend and I organised to combined our efforts to make sale bigger and also to share the load.  We were very organised and set everything up the day before, so that in the morning, all we had to do was sell.

I must admit this was the strangest garage sale I have had to date.  Only professionals came by and honestly they want stuff for nothing and have no shame beating you down on the price.  Let me just say in advance, that we were not selling junk.  In fact we had a lot of good quality items that were brand new and never used.  We also knew what they we worth in the shop to buy and our prices were already less than half the value.  We also had furniture pieces, which in my experience are  the first to go. 

We made $400 in sales, exactly half each – not bad for a morning’s work.  The rest is going on a web noticeboard this week and if not sold by the end of the week, will end up going to charity.

I guess you are wondering why it didn’t go to charity in the first place.  Op shops here are now a serious business and I firmly believe that it isn’t disadvantaged people who are benefiting from the goods that are being donated.  So I believe that I should try and make back some of the money I spent.  What is left over from the sale, I am more than pleased to hand over to charity.

It is amazing the amount of people that come around looking for a bargain but spend their time checking out your home and wanting to buy many of your other worldly posessions.

Thank goodness I won’t be doing this for another year and I have made a pledge that I will not be rash in any further purchases I make, it sometimes is good money wasted.


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