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Yum Cha
Thursday, 7 June, 2007, 11:41 pm
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This restaurant is a good lunch staple of many locals working in Cavenagh Street.

My favourite dish here is Beef Ho Fun soup with bak choy and tofu added.  I love the big, fat noodles they use.  I am told that they are not good for you. 

This dish, when not feeling so crash hot, always seems to be the fix.  The food is cooked fresh and served up fast.  Each time I eat there, I notice there are a regular group of Chinese who eat on a regular basis and also a couple of the old Greek guys who are somewhat of an institution in this town.

I also like the fact that if I wish to have a g&t with my meal at lunch, I can.

I have also had dinner here on a couple of occasions and I think the food is quite good.  I haven’t experienced yum cha itself on the weekends, but I understand that it isn’t too bad – although not the full blown yum cha experience.

UPDATE – A couple of weeks ago we were invited by some friends to join them for dim sum at the Yum Cha.  My husband had only just experienced a true Dim Sum experience on our recent travels in South East Asia, that he was keen to try it in Darwin.  There was no big trolleys being wheeled around the restaurant with yummy goodies, but ordering off a form and waiting a really long time for the food to come.  The restaurant was packed, especially with Chinese, which is a good sign.  We had some yummy food, but what my husband was anxiously waiting for, was the char siu roast pork pau.  They almost forgot, but a gentle reminder saw them come to the table finally.  The custard tarts had run out before we sat down and the blender was broken – we were all keen to have lychee daiquiris – was not meant to be.  I’ll definitely go back again.  The cost worked out at $15 per head and I was quite full by the time we left, two hours later.


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