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Saying Thank You!
Friday, 4 May, 2007, 1:50 pm
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Sometimes I think as a Gen X that I must be a little old fashioned.  But, by the same token what has happened to the humble please and thank you?

Today, I completed a chapter in my life by finishing up in a job I have held for sometime.  I choose to apply for another position, as I thought it was time for a change and to be quite honest, I just felt that my employer did not appreciate me and the energy and enthusiasm I had invested.  I am a hard worker and have a good worth ethic and in the time I have been in the job, I think I have achieved some amazing feats that some others just weren’t able to conquer.

You would think that one’s boss might pop in and say thank you, maybe a phone call if they were time challenged or at absolute worst, an email before you closed the door at the end of the day.  After three weeks of minimal interaction between us, I get a phone call this morning asking me to finalise a job that the boss has sat on for two weeks and if possible, today before I leave.  Yes, the boss knew my last day was today.

Once I completed the job and advised of the outcome in writing via an email – there was deafening silence.

What is the problem with saying thank you?  I didn’t want fanfare.  I didn’t want morning tea, flowers or a gift.  Just a simple thank you for the effort and commitment I had provided to the organisation.

I will still see this manager from time to time, as the new position I am going to is co-located in the same building – I’ll be civil to them, I have no respect for them and I will not forget.  Because as everyone knows, sometimes the tables turn and one day that boss will be expecting me to assist them with a task and I will hold the upper hand – and I hope I will be in the position to decide whether I will or won’t assist and in what capacity.

This brings me to the generational issue.  There is so much discussion these days about Gen Y and Gen X.  I am over it!!!  Gen Y just need to grow up and stop thinking they are so special.  I think businesses are so worried about Gen Ys and catering for them, that they are forgetting about Generation Xers that have worked very hard since their mid-teens, yes many of us had jobs since we were 15, went to uni and held down one or two jobs to pay our way through and yes, we started at the bottom of companies and learnt as much as we could to work our way up the corporate ladder.  Some of us even worked for nothing, to get a foot in the door of organisations we wanted to work with.

Something to take note of – not all Gen Xers are ambitious.  We want to be paid according to our skills and experience. We want interesting and challenging jobs. There are many of us without university degrees, but we are by no means stupid.  We are often training up all those who hold numerous pieces of paper, but have no idea of the practical applications of all the theory they have learnt.

We are financially okay and make decisions that impact on our lifestyle and families and sometimes we are willing to take a huge risk in order for our lives to be better.  Gen Xers get on with job, do not like being taken advantage of and particularly by fellow Gen Xers, we like to be appreciated and normally it is by a simple thank you!

Treat people how you would like to be treated, share your successes and failures, remember to say please and thank you – how hard can it be and believe me, it makes such a difference to a person’s day and their impression of you.


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