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Welcome to the Dry Craft Fair
Wednesday, 25 April, 2007, 7:46 am
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On Sunday just passed, I thought it would nice for us as a family to attend Territory Crafts’ Craft Fair.  In the past it has been a great event and over the past few years it just seems to be declining in numbers attending, number of stalls and the quality of product.

To put it simply, it was full of crappy crap!  What a waste of time.  With a couple of hundred dollars in the pocket to burn – it was hard to actually part with any money due to the lack of anything worthy to buy.

The exhibition, Wings, I think it was called was superb and as always I just love Ingrid Germanis work and in this case, especially her mosaic piece of birds – if I had somewhere to hang it, I would have bought it myself.  Another artist who I have admired for a long time is Brian Bulley – he work has such depth, emotion, feeling, passion – all of his pieces were sold – damn!  Ingrid also had a stand at the craft fair and I would say it probably was one of two worth looking at.  Ingrid has a knack of making sculptural pieces from driftwood and other bits and pieces she find – some of those birds had great personality!  Well done, Ingrid.

I was disappointed that Sonia Martingon didn’t have her mosaic pieces on display – they are beautiful and she is very accomplished at producing the “wow” factor pieces.  I am hoping to soon be the proud owner of one sometime soon!

The other stall worth looking at was potter, Cecily Wills.  She is an excellent potter and her work is well executed and extremely well priced.  I would have like to have seen more of the blue print pieces and because they do match my house, but the green ginger jars and teapots were fabulous.

The demonstrations were quite poor except for the marbling by Gillian Thompson – what a clever lady.  If you have have a chance to buy a piece of her marbled silk – my recommendation is do so without looking at the cost.  I have a few pieces that are long scarf lengths and I love them.  A friend of mine had a dress made out of a Gillian Thompson piece and it was to die for.

There were way too many beading stalls and some of them were just poor quality.  As Territory Craft is meant to be representing the quality craft makers in the Territory and encouraging others to perfect their craft, I think there needs to be some quality control enforced when people to sign up to be a stall holder.

What I did notice was the volunteers of the organisation – the lifeblood of Territory Craft – as it is a not for profit organisation.  The volunteers are an aging and I say, an old volunteer workforce!  Of course, many of them were the same faces you see each time you visit.  It was sad to see no younger people assisting or for that matter really involved with the organisation.

Maybe that is one of the factors that led Territory Craft to lose some of its funding – they need to get a much wider demographic involved and driving the organisation.  To start doing that, the organisation needs to deliver premier events that get people in the community talking about the event and hence, the organisation. 

It was sad to note many of the stall holders talking amongst themselves about the lack of advertising of the Craft Fair and I must admit, I am pretty across what is going on in town and I had no idea it was on until I received a newsletter, via email,  that I do every week that had a tiny article in it about the craft fair.

To my embarrassment, I asked another family to join us thinking the fair would be really good and it wasn’t!  They were too polite to say anything, but you could see the disappointment on their face.  But, we did get out of the house and do something a little different. 

I think I will give the next Craft Fair at Territory Craft a miss.


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