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Friday, 20 April, 2007, 12:07 pm
Filed under: Mind Your Manners Miranda, Observations

I work in a office in the CBD of Darwin and at the moment there are a number of staff moving in and out of the floor space that my team and I sit in.

As most of the staff on the floor have moved out, the floor in general is quite bare and really a prime opportuinity whilst there are removalists in, to have larger items no longer required moved.  It is also a good opportunity to actually have a really good clean up.

I am the manager of my group and whilst I do not mind pitching in and helping out, I do resent the fact that I always seem to play a “mother’s role” when the space needs to be cleaned up.  I know the people I work with are clean and tidy people and can imagine them being so at home, but when it comes to being tidy and being poart of a team in trying to maintain a tidy and clean office space – it always appears to be only me carrying the flag.

You see I maintain that if your workspace is clean and tidy tasks do not seem so overwhelming and believe me, on a Monday morning when you come to work and everything is clean and tidy – how good do you feel and Monday’s don’t feel so bad after all.  Also, you are able to ascertain where you are with projects, re-prioritise and get super organised.

So not only do I do a general tidy up in my office – which took a whole five minutes as I am incredibly tidy and organised, I then spent and hour cleaning in the general office space.  I felt good when I finished, but was slightly annoyed at one of my staff members for basically pretending nothing was going on to avoid helping out.

She did proclaimed how good it looked and how much space “we” gained by me cleaning up and sorting things out.  The two women I work with also have a bad habit of just leaving things where they used them, rather than pack up/ put away when they finish using something.

I feel good and I will have a warm and fuzzy feeling when I walk back into the space on Monday and hopefully it will make a difference to the way their day goes and how they do their work.  Here’s hoping anyway!


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