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Miranda turns 36!
Tuesday, 3 April, 2007, 11:05 am
Filed under: Observations

On Friday, I joined a small group of people to celebrate turning 36.  In fact there were a number of us doing just that, God bless Arians!

 We decided to meet at the Deck Bar and have a few gin and tonics, after all drinks are half price from 5 to 7pm.  Amazing that 20 years on, people are still promoting bars with cheap drinks!  All the same, my Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic only cost $2.75 – so naturally I indulged in a few.

The scary thing is that there are still some of the same old crowd, who I was going out with when I was 18, still hitting the bars regularly, just looking older!  Aren’t they bored yet?

I quickly realised that I just so do not miss this scene, but what I do miss is going out with the girls for a drink or two and just catching up – which we did.

We popped into Go Sushi for a couple of plates of sushi and a bit of banter with Theo and Toshi.  This place has the best sushi in town – don’t mess around with the guys at Casuarina, just stick with Go Sushi.

We moved onto Wisdom and then the Tap (neither of these places have any ambience), where we downed a couple of Cowboys and ended up at Shenanigans, again drinking our standard drinks.

Our next stop was Throb, as we were in for a night of dancing – the place was empty and they still wanted $10 each!  We decided we would rather go home and instead went into the Adultshop for a good look around.  My, have things come a long way in sex shop merchandise since I last went into one, say 10 years ago.  Some of those dildos certainly look as though they would hurt!  In fact we were asked very nicely to leave as we were the only customers, obviously not buying, but it was time for the shop to close.  We obliged.

 What really sucks in Darwin is the taxis – there just isn’t enough.  I mostly use them for going to and from the airport (and even this is presented with its own problems), but on Friday night do you think we could get one?  We waited for an hour in the rain which resulted in us moving to the other side of the road and calling a cab, to be told that the restaurant we were outside was not a pick up point and we would have a flag a cab – are these poeple for real.  Not to mention the cab driver did not know how to get to our street, in a well known northern suburb.

 If I was a tourist, I know I would be quite pissed at the attitude.


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