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Ikea – Not in Darwin!
Friday, 30 March, 2007, 11:46 pm
Filed under: Observations

One thing, I wish someone had the foresight to encourage is the the opening of an Ikea store in Darwin.  I pour over their catalogues and salivate, of all the things I could buy.

 Well this week my husband and I decided to order some new home office furniture and to do so via the phone with Ikea in Perth.

Nothing was too much trouble – they were able to confirm they had the stock, the cost and even the exact cost of the freight, who the carrier was and when to expect it.  It was followed up by a call from Ikea’s security department the following day – just to make sure it was me and my credit card that did the shopping!

 Service is brilliant, will update when the goods arrive to ensure all is good prior to providing a fully-fledged recommendation.


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I was looking through the current Ikea catalogue the other day. My husband said they need a population of 1 million to open a store. Sorry.

Comment by Andi

I feel for the people in Darwin not having IKEA. I missed it when i was up there. I’m sure it’l be there oneday soon

Comment by CJ

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