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Wednesday, 21 March, 2007, 9:13 am
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 48 Progress Drive  Nightcliff     Phone:  8948 4002

A newcomer to the homewares scene.  Great space, but probably not being used to its full potential and they do have some of the same things as other homeware retailers, such as Loot.  What I do like about the store, is the asian styled occassional furniture and the fantastic lamps that are designed by Gavin – the “G” in .g+h!  Gavan is an interior designer and definately someone who knows a thing or two about style – he also used to work at Loot.  This shop has heaps of potential and worth checking out ever couple of months.

UPDATE:  Gavin has bought out his partner and the shop is now known as nivagi and has just celebrated its first birthday.  Still has a great selection of items for the home and worth checking out on a monthly basis.  I have just bought two beautiful ceramic vases for my lounge room, which by the way look divine against the teak wood.

UPDATE 2: I dropped into this store on the weekend to check out what new stock had arrived.  It seems the day I went in Gavin seemed to have had his nasty pants on.  Remember, in Darwin you don’t know who has money, what they would spend it on and word of mouth can be lethal.  As for the furniture sold at this store, the same can be purchased at Pebbles Plus for half the price.  It just isn’t glamourous in its presentation as it is stored and sold out of a shed – I think Mr Gavin is being a bit ambitious in his prices when it comes to furniture.  I think I will avoid returning to this store for a while.


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As we all know its christmas, i decided to vist my fav shop in darwin “Nivagi”. When i arived i was pleasently presented with a man, well suited and was dressed smartly. I was looking for a present for my mother ‘Wendy’. Who has a unique acquire for many strange things. After looking around, i found two white vases. It was perfect, and i decided they would fit the taste.

I find the shop unique and pleasentful. It is defently eye catching.

keep up the good work staff.


Comment by Tilly

in reference and reply to update2: Very poor to read a response such as this as you obviously do not know Gavin, nor have you ever found yourself with a dire need to find that ‘something’ at the very last minute and sought Gavin’s assistance. If you had, you would have found a very different person to that in which you describe. Gavin is a passionate man who absolutley LoVeS what he does as such, he is always willing with a ready hand and sense of humour to see to it that you find, just what it is you are looking (or dont know you were looking) for!! Gavin you are doing what most of us only dream of – LIVING OUT YOUR DREAM – Good on you

Comment by ntLisa

I am wondering if Gavin is also an interior decorator. I am looking for one in Darwin. Can anyone recommend one please?

Comment by Eve Pillon

In reply to your rather harsh review. (update 2)

Having met Gavin and spoken with him I found him to be not only friendly, but as far from nasty as anyone could possibly get! I can only assume you went in either a) with an attitude yourself or b) expecting the red carpet because you might put something nice on your wonderful blog.

The interesting thing about word of mouth is that it works both ways. I now will not be linking or referring to this blog out of my concern that your personal issues may be vented in an attack on local businesses.

Darwin is still a small community and I am sure your own comments will have a surprising effect, perhaps not gathering the support you hope for?

The Mad Muse – Coconut Grove

Comment by Melodie

I have a shop in the same precinct as Nivagi. Gavin has some gorgeous furniture, home furnishings and finishing touches you won’t find anywhere else. He has flair and a great eye for detail. I have never known Gavin to be rude or miserable (even when ill) and he is always enthusiastic, polite and welcoming even when he knows i’m not there to buy.
Gavin has also donated very generously to my daughters daycare centre fundraising and supports local causes.
Keep up the excellent work Gavin !!

Comment by Ally

I first discovered Nivagi last week after picking up shoes at the awesome Savvas Shoes next door….Gavin introduced himself to me even though I was just browsing, let me see his complete furniture directory AND even made me a takeaway coffee on soy milk (after asking how i have my coffee) and charged me NOTHING…What a great first impression! I didn’t buy anything at the time as it was nearing closing time but I will definately be back to see him about furniture in the future.

Comment by Coco

I love going to Nivagi and took the kids there, handed them some money and let them loose to buy me my birthday presents. Gavin was an absolute honey with my 6 and 9 year old and played along with the whole process. They had a ball, I received some very cute gifts and Gavin now has a loyal customer. Tropical, quirky, funky and functional and stylish.

Comment by Donna

Where is Gavin ?

Comment by Lisa Smith

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